Getting food when you can’t: How to use the pantry “Authorized Representative Form”

If you are ill or you need to stay home to stay healthy, food is still available to you.

You can have someone you know pick up a food box from the food pantry for you. You will need to fill out a form saying you meet normal income eligibility guidelines. Download and print this Authorized Representative Form. The person picking up food will turn it in at the pantry and be given your food. The pantry can keep this form so that you don’t need to print a new one each time you send that same person to pick up food for you.

This is the common form for Oregon Food Bank pantries and should work at the pantry you normally visit, not just at the OSU Food Pantry.

Note: An updated version of the form will be uploaded to the link above March 30th so check back if you need it after that. At that time if you have the older version on file, it is ok and you will still be able to receive food. You will be asked though to submit the new form for the next visit.