Food Source

The Human Services Resource Center’s Food Pantry is a non-profit dedicated to providing food for students and community members struggling with hunger and food insecurity. It is funded by donations and maintained thanks to the help we receive from the community. $1 buys 13 pounds of food!

We are supplied by Linn Benton Food Share and Oregon Food Bank; food is ordered and delivered on a bi-weekly basis. Donations are made directly to our center at Champinefu Lodge or to our account with the OSU Foundation. Many community members and on/off campus groups donate regularly to our pantry. We also receive, on average, 104 lbs of bread a month from Panera’s Albany location. Last November, we received 2,182 pounds of donated food!

The Center for Engagement and Leadership’s Growing Food Security Program hosts garden parties and with the help of volunteers, they plant and harvest fruits and veggies in the HSRC garden that supply our pantry with fresh produce. They also help pick up and process produce donations from other local gardens.

Our distribution of food is based on the Oregon Food Bank’s household distribution guide. On average, we give 17 pounds of food per person and 7 pounds of fresh produce per household. We are able to provide a variety of foods including canned, packaged, frozen, dried, and fresh foods, thanks to the contributions we receive.

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Human Services Resource Center and its programs. We are eternally grateful!

Visit our website for details on how to get involved!

Get to Know Our Staff: Rosalie

Name: Rosalie Bernabe

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

HSRC Job Title: Food Pantry Assistant

Major/Minor: Psychology with French minor

Career Aspirations: My biggest goal is to start a charity to give scholarships/grants to students of color with mental illnesses. I also want to open a private practice and offer as many free services to low-income communities as possible. I want to travel and connect with people from different cultures and learn their languages/dialects.

Why did you want to work at the HSRC? I wanted to join the team of amazing people doing amazing things. This was a great opportunity for me to become more involved and learn about ways to help people gain access to necessary resources.

What do you like to do in your free time? I love dancing- if all else fails, I will become a dance instructor. I also enjoy writing, reading, snacking (a lot), watching movies, and hanging out with friends.

What’s your favorite yummy and cheap meal? Instant noodles are awesome. Also, the HSRC has a “Forgot your Lunch?” area and a twitter to keep up with free food events on campus @eatfreeOSU.

Do you have any tips for students on how to save money? Open a savings account, put money in it every paycheck, and tell yourself it isn’t yours. You could also put money in jars for specific events or goals. Having someone to hold you accountable (friends/family members) is also helpful, but it’s important to remember they won’t always be there to do so.

What are your favorite things to do in Corvallis? I love taking walks around campus and downtown; the scenery is just tooo good! Whenever we feel overwhelmed, my friends and I like to go on random adventures.