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Today I’m taking a deeper look at stressful events in my life and seeing how they affect my well-being and how I tackle the problems that come with them.

I’ve always seemed to be the guy who stays a little reserved and didn’t know how to get help with stressful things going on in my life. While I originally considered this as an ineffective way to deal with issues, (and still do to some extent), I have found it quite useful to stay cool, calm, and collective in hot situations. Examples for this would be me preferring to keep my personal problems to myself instead of sharing with my friends. Another would be when I am behind in work and need to get the job done ASAP, instead of freaking out and having it take longer I can use the stress as motivation.

While this is how I originally thought I handles stress and other issues, I have recently taken a few surveys that are designed to reflect my personality and stress management.

I didn’t know quite what to expect from these results, but I usually disagree with online psych exams. My coping and stress management skills came back saying I used problem-focused strategies to cope with stress. This seems accurate, as I said, if possible, take action to eliminate the stress instead of letting it set in. My personality test is quite split, right in the middle of type A and B. Sometimes I am laid back and sometimes and sometimes can express my unhappiness in snappy aggressive ways.

These results surprised me with their accuracy. I enjoyed reflecting on the results from the surveys and considering who I am from a third person perspective. I think I am happily balanced, not too far on either side of the personality scale or stress management.

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