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In my life I’ve taken plenty of classes or training on various different educational and learning experiences. Most of them are smooth and by the book, which is great because it gets the job done. Only a few courses have stood out to me, that I still remember well, years later. These are for various reason such as interest, delivery and uniqueness.

When I was beginning to get my private pilots license there was a lot I needed to learn. This was going to be a long process, so my instructor split up the training into manageable chunks and measure progress as we go. This was good because it established objectives that we could later measure to keep track of my performance.

I poor experience I had in a course was when I was getting my food handlers license. I was a new employee at a local bakery and this was one my requirements in order to legally work there. What made this experience poor was that my boss and other employees made the process seem like a nuisance and that the learning wasn’t worth it. So I went on to not take it seriously and just try to get the course done as quick as possible.

This was not a good strategy for a new employee. If you start out employees thinking that doing the bare minimums is acceptable and the way that the company operates it can make a bad habit. When training new employees you want to take the right steps at first and not cut any corners so you can get a fresh start.

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