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This week we are diving into a closer look at the Human Relations in top companies. This all comes down to enjoying your time at work and there are countless factors to this. Red Hat Inc. tries to let their employees be themselves and incorporate that into everyday work, so you don’t have to put on a special face every-time you come in.

This type of behavior is a trend that I’m seeing that gets great results from employees, in both work results and happiness. Many companies are integrating in non-work activities into the office property to try to blend in life and work as much as possible. Examples would be having a daycare on site so you can bring your children to work and leave with them at the end of the day. Another example would be having a workout space and gym near the office that allows employees to get exercise while on break.

So now I know the two of the biggest proponents to employee satisfaction is the culture and being able to feel like yourself and the environment around you making sure its not a stale boring work environment.

Lastly and maybe most importantly is being treated with respect. Employees need to feel satisfaction from their work and benefits from doing good. This can be done in a number of different ways but it needs to be done everyday. Set goals for your employees and change up the routine so they are able to do different tasks and support them in work and life.

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