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How Much Cafe?

Jan 14, 2014 – Welcome to my fourth blog. Like the others, this one is also about the building of a motorcycle.

The title is not referring to whether or not I’ve had the correct amount of coffee, or how much coffee should I have. It is a given, that today I have probably had enough. In fact, until recently I had an unbroken string of consecutive days in a row of having at least one cup of coffee that numbered over 10,000.

But no. The title asks the question how much modification will I make to the motorcycle I’m currently working on. I am going to modify it, in the style of a cafe racer, but just how far or more likely little will I change it.

I have purchased many of the parts needed to take the bike quite a ways in this regard. Rear sets, clipons, bar-end mirrors, LED replacement turn signals and another length of 10 inch PVC sewer pipe, but the more I stand back and look… the more I think I’ll do less.

This might be a good time to ask “What is a cafe racer, and why does he want one?”


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