Blog Post #1

Welcome to my first blog post! My name is Connor Hollenbach. I used to work in data analytics but discovered a passion for software development. I currently live in the PNW, and spent the summer working at Salesforce doing fullstack development (C#, React, Typescript). What I love most about software development is the puzzle solving nature of it. In my free time I enjoy hiking, sampling tea, video games, and reading. I’m also attempting to get into solo backpacking.

I’m excited (and a little nervous!) to work on this capstone project and learn some new technologies over the next 3 months.

A few of the projects that caught my eye are:

  • Website Security Research Project
  • A-Life Challenge
  • Job Tracker

But I’m generally interested in any CRUD app or mobile app, and consider myself flexible when it comes to learning new skills.

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