Week #8 – House Craziness

So this week was probably the hardest week in terms of actual school work and also moving. For starters, it rained the whole weekend so I had to move all my furniture and belongings in the rain. See photo below of the gloomy weather on our first day.

Rainy, rainy weekend…

All in all, the move went fine with the help of my wife’s family. We unfortunately spent the whole weekend and this week unpacking and we’re about 45% done…. After packing I devoted around 1-2 hours a night to studying and working on my school work so sleep has been rought.


Our team is making progress. We created a successful call to our API using heroku! At this point we now have to fetch that data and populate it back into the screen based on the page we’re using. We decided to get as much done as we can this weekend and focus on the next week with minor QA to get our app ready to showcase.

successful call to API (with some errors that I’ll fix)
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