Week 4 – Working as a Team

Since last week, we’ve started learning more about how to work together as a team within our GitHub repo. One of my teammates accidentally made changes to our main repo instead of a dev branch but it was a small mistake we all have made, and served as a great learning opportunity to enforce that we should be making pull requests before merging any work into main.

our teaching session

Once we made sure that we all were aware of the plan, then we started dividing up the work amongst ourselves in terms of who will be developing what screens for the next 1-2 weeks. I’ll be working on:

  • Homepage
  • Intake (Glucose)
  • Intake (Blood Pressure)
  • Intake (Weight)
  • Navigation

I felt the intake were the hardest ones since they’ll be functioning as a form and sending information to the API, plus they’ll probably use similar components so figured I could just reuse a lot of the same styles/elements within the 3 pages.

Also, for the past week there’s been an ongoing issue with Heroku in regards to its integration with GitHub. I don’t know all the details but it’s a security issue that has forced Heroku to disable the integration which is very bad for our team since we use that integration to deploy changes to the production server….. Crossing fingers it gets resolved this weekend or we’ll have to look at workarounds.

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