Week 3 – Building our Momentum

This week we sat down and talked about what we had worked on in the past week. Since starting all the initial set up for our Vue app and other minor repo work, I had looked into starting a basic CI/CD workflow that had automatic pipelines that worked with Heroku. Heroku was suggested by my teammate and I hadn’t looked at a free server set up before, so this took a little bit of time to learn. Nonethelesss, setting up the initial pipeline went smoothly and I was able to get a Vue instance working on the server:

After getting this to work, I then looked into creating a basic node.js app for our team to start developing our API. We decided to use node.js at our last meeting so I found a basic barebones template and created a working instance of it locally on my Mac before deploying it straight to Heroku:

It ain’t much but it’s honest work

Now we’re in a solid foundation where we can first tackle the front-end work of our project so we can:

  1. Learn how to work as a team using CI/CD workflow
  2. Learn how to properly merge to main after making a pull request
  3. Get our feet wet with using Vue

We have a basic architecture that I designed and will be planning to tackle them together as a team in case any of us run into any issues.

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