Week 2 – Working with the team

Today I met with my team and we dove right into the team structure and organization we’ll be using to finish this project together. I’ve worked on numerous projects in the past, and always found that having a solid foundation to be critical to ensuring that projects run smoothly risks are identified, and people are kept accountable for their work.

The previous night I did a few things:

  • Set up Vue.js local instance with two very basic pages.
  • Set up a GitHub repo with the Vue.js app
  • Set up Jira software so we can use an agile based software development cycle
  • Defined a few Epics that we can work towards in the following few weeks

These things helped make our meeting today stay productive in terms of making sure that we’re all aligned on what we need to figure out. Some issues that we need to figure out are:

  • Setting up a server for our Vue app
  • Setting up a server for our API
  • Setting up a CI/CD pipeline to automatically deploy when a commit is made to “master” repo
  • Agree on the final architecture that will run our application

After our meeting I made a quick architecture mock up of some technologies we’ll be using, as well as the providers that will host them, such as Heroku, mLab, and others. We have a lot to do but the team understands the issues and we’ve decided on who is figuring out what, and how we can get there.

Current Job

On another topic, my job is going good! I’m working for Viewpoint which is a software company based in Portland. This week is our Program Increment (PI) planning week where each team plans the main initiatives they want to focus on for this quarter. I started a few months ago, but this is my first time leading the PI efforts with my boss and tomorrow we’ll be doing check-ins with all the teams to make sure that each team has the tools they need to communicate with each other. Very fast paced week, but it is a very important one!

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