Being able to specialize in all sorts of jobs within your company can be very beneficial for the company because of the ability to move different employees to different departments depending on what is needed at the time. However when the company fails to provide a proper job description at hire, the employee does not know what they will need to specialize in to be successful. HR and Management need to be sure that they have proper job descriptions as well as update them depending on how the certain job might change over time. If a proper description is not provided during the employees time of work a suit could be brought against them if something goes wrong. If an employee does something outside of their job description and gets injured, they will have proper reasoning to file a claim against the company. However the job description must be very descriptive and include any possible health hazards the employees might face. “Having a bad job description is worse than [having] none at all” (Tyler, SHRM). Any bad job descriptions could lead to lawsuits towards the company. HR should be providing a proper job description to help get the employee off to a great start in their role and coach them to their highest potential. I think that providing a proper job description is important, but being able to go outside the given description will lead to faster role development.

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