The Embedded Video Settings group relates to settings for links to video portals such as OSU Media Manager and You Tube.  It contains the following items:

  • Never Show Video Link: Hides video link when toggled.
  • In feed, show link to blog post: Provides a toggle and field to set a prefix for link to blog post.
  • Following space character: Add a following space to the prefix so it doesn’t run into title of media.
  • Use smaller font size for link: Forces a smaller font size for a link.
  • Video Object Width: Set the size for the video object up to 800 pixels.
  • Show link to plug-in page: Shows link to the plug-in page.

Permalinks are customized URL structures you can create to substitute for the machine generated URLs created by WordPress. This allows you to develop aliased URLs that are more reader and search engine friendly. The Permalink Settings group contains the following items:

  • Common Settings: provides five different formats to use for URL creation
    • Default: creates no alias
    • Day and Name: creates year, month, and day format with name of post
    • Month and Name: creates year and moth format with name of post
    • Numeric: auto-numbers post and uses number for URL alias format
    • Custom Structure: defined by you, if desired
  • Optional Settings: allows creation of custom URL structures for Categories and Tags