Option #1 Labor union

Labor unions like most things are made of two sides of the same coin. For example, on the pros side for labor unions, according to investopia, “the common pros of unions are the can negotiate for pay, guarantees workers rights, and negotiate for individual benefits or safety.” Interestingly, despite these pros, of being able to speak to the masses and guarantee a fair chance at many different industries. This is all about the common good for employees, to be to also get a fair wage or good benefits. The negatives of of unions could be also according to investopia, “the negatives could be that they have dues or highs once’s for entrance, then that also could be they may not care for your individual needs and focus more on what most people would want, and inability to fire lazy or poor workers.” This all in all could be bad for you either as a worker or business owner, it could make you lose your chances to be a competitive business, or ruin your business. It could not really help you in anyway for your needs or simply cost too much to join. In the end their are serious pros and cons to unions, but in my opinion their still worthwhile to have for the having a large reach or voice. That’s the key takeaway, the power they have more as an organization, rather then a few fighting. I would join a union if it meant reasonable dues, just for the security of my job , so that I could have consistent rights. If we unionize, corporations can run all over us, we need to be able to combat the rich so that we could have a fair shot at Life.


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