CS467 Final Overview

During my capstone course, I consider the ability to adjust to different work and development environments a big success. I was able to better learn and understand the way other individuals work, and also use some of their techniques to become a better team player.

I was very happy that as a team we made constant use of GitHub and managing our development branch. I think that skill is so important as I am starting to use that more at my internship, and it has been tremendously helpful. Also, for our project, I took on the challenge of doing the emailing portion from within our site. I found myself spending a lot of time tuning and better understand this component and how to best access an available API. I enjoyed the process as I didn’t have much experience working with APIs or incorporating them into an app. Even though it was initially daunting, it was vert rewarding having it work as intended after weeks of research and application.

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