AI in School

Let me start by saying that AI tools such as ChatGTP in this case, is an extremely helpful, time saving, and valuable tool.

For my capstone project, I am working on a software programming quiz website that is meant to replace survey monkey. Lately I’ve been focusing on the back end side of things by working on building the database for our website alongside a teammate. Using ChatGTP has been highly beneficial on my end because it has helped me understand any errors or issues I have within seconds.

Using ChatGTP I am able to tell it my current train of thought, things I’ve tried and failed at, and have it lead me in a better or more efficient direction. Another nice pro is that it can help me test some issues with my code or database. I like to use it for testing as an extra step for sanity check.

However, all the benefits do come with their cons. While ChatGTP is great at helping and providing detailed solutions, it doesn’t always give the correct answer or approach. You have to learn how to ask it for information and correct it so that it actually understands what path you’re trying to reach. While it’s a great resource, I found that there are many times when I must double-check the solutions because they’re either missing a tiny piece that is important, or it’s just not going down the path I wanted it to.

Overall, I don’t necessarily think that it has made me a better programmer, but I do think that it helps me get unstuck much quicker. It has helped me become a more efficient programmer. Also, I have and continue to learn how to better phrase my questions so that it understands what I want much better.

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