I’m Dan. I’m a Software Development Engineer. I previously worked at Amazon as an SDE Intern and currently I’m finishing my second Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. My first Bachelor’s Degree is in Criminal Justice. I wanted to be a lawyer initially, but after that was too expensive I decided to go back to school for the other topic I’ve been very passionate about, which is cybersecurity.

When I was a kid, I used to play Roblox (when it first came out, around 2007) and I used to make maps with only Lego-like bricks and Lua scripts. I actually ended up winning two of the game-wide building competitions (see one of them documented here, I am listed under the winners with my 2008 handle “heissocooldg”: and that’s how I got my start with programming. Ever since then I had dabbled a bit, but I didn’t get serious until I came into this program a couple of years ago.

I look forward to writing many more blog posts in the future!

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