In April 2016, the Citizen Science (In the Garden!) team conducted a survey of OSU Extension Master Gardeners.  The survey was sent out electronically using Qualtrics. We wanted to find out what training was needed to help Master Gardeners confidently participate in Citizen Science projects.  We were also interested to know if there was overwhelming interest in topics already being explored by researchers at Oregon State University and Portland State University.

We received 250 responses which is a low number (There are over 7000 OSU Extension Master Gardeners across the state!), but at least we have some information to move forward and start the discussion.

The first page of results is is from a survey question which asked which research topics interest Extension Master Gardeners (click to view full size).

Interest in research topics

The second page of focuses on the answers from a question asking about confidence in different terms and ideas related to basic scientific research (click to view full size).

Screenshot 2016-06-14 14.11.56

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