IPIP Results & Reactions

In my IPIP Results & Reactions I tested high in extraversion, agreeableness, contentiousness, neuroticism, and openness too experience. I think this says that for the most part I am outgoing which I agree with. I am contentious of people and the things around me as well. I am pretty good with controlling my impulsive decisions, I used to always kind of just go on a whim with things. As far as neuroticism I was a little unsure of what that was but I see it says I am at a average level which I feel like I am, my stress and anxiety seems to be pretty moderate.

A potential employer might say some strengths about me are that I am out going and that usually makes for a good work work environment. I am open to experience which they might look at as willing to try new things and work on new projects and not be set in one way. With agreeableness and consciousness I think an employer will look at that as willing to help people and care about other peoples time and opinions as well as trusting them. Some weaknesses that an employer might see from my IPIP Results & Reactions is that I am trusting and caring about other people which could cause a problem if I trust someone and they do not follow through with a job. They may also see neuroticism as having anxiety and stress which could be a problem in the work place but it says I am average so I would imagine its normal in the work place.

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