Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

I would like to think of myself as a nice approachable person and I think that an employers impressions of me would be kind. I have always played sports so being in that talkative leadership role is something that has became a very important skill to me it defiantly helps being an extrovert when talking to an employer because it helps smooth the conversation rather than long pauses or awkward moments. Organization is also a big skill of mine that helps me in everyday life just knowing what needs to get done and when. My biggest weakness has to be procrastination and that is why I try so hard to be organized so I am not stuck in those last minute situations.

The best way this information could be communicated to an employer would defiantly be an interview because they will ask your these questions but before the interview process I think this could be communicated to them through your resume and cover letter showing your skills on a bulleted section and maybe talk about your experience and passions or what you are wanting to learn through the process of this job. If was was presenting myself I would defiantly list those skills in my resume so the employer can read that and hopefully put together what kind of person I am including everything else on the resume.

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