Job Application Experiences 

From the perspective of the applicant I was a little nervous because it wasn’t necessarily a job interview but I was just asked to come in to see the company because they knew I was going to be graduating soon. I met the manager of this printing company while golfing and he must have liked the person I was because he gave me his card and said to let him know when I was done with school.

The whole process of emailing back and fourth to set up a time to come see the company and talk to him was a little nerve racking because I didn’t know what i would do if he offered me the job, Do I take the job right there? I just didn’t know what to expect. Once I got there the nerves went away I figured even if he did offer me the job I didn’t have to give him an answer right then and there considering I have this last term to go so that helped settle me down as well. Taking the first job you’re offered is also a big decision so I hoped he wouldn’t be offended if i had told him I was still thinking or had other offers, I figured he would be understanding which he was. Overall it was a good first experience with a professional job type interview and it was defiantly a good way to settle the nerves and take notes on what I could do better in the next interview.

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  1. Hi Gage, reading your experience with this job application it intrigued me that you weren’t ready to commit to a job if he offered it to you. I think it is important for interviewees to go to interviews or tours of companies you want to work for. If you don’t know much about the company or the position you are interviewing for you should make sure to do your own research to get the information you need to push you one way or the other. If you spend all that time with that employer or company and reject their offer then it could hurt your individual reputation.

    • Hello Nicholas, You are absolutely right and I am happy I went with the decision to keep looking for jobs because I was able to land this awesome job at HPG International.

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