The wave tank area was the latest to get its cameras rejiggered and microphones installed for testing, now that the permanent wave tanks are installed. Laura and I had a heck of a time logging in to the cameras to see their online feeds and hear the mics, however. So we did some troubleshooting, since we were using a different laptop for viewing over the web this time, and came up with these browser-related tips for viewing your AXIS camera live feeds through web browsers (when you type the camera’s IP address straight into the address bar of the browser, not when you’re viewing through Milestone software):

When you reach the camera page (after inputting username and password), go to “Setup” in the top menu bar, then “Live View Config” on the left-hand menu:

First, regardless of operating system, set the Stream Profile drop-down to H.264 (this doesn’t affect or matter to what you have set for recording through Milestone, by the way – see earlier posts about server load), and then Default viewer to “AMC” for Windows IE, and “Server Push” for Other Browsers.

Then, to set up your computer:

Windows PCs:
Chrome: You’ll need to install Apple’s QuickTime once for the browser, and then authorize QuickTime for each camera (use the same username and password as when just logging into the camera)
Internet Explorer: you’ll have to install the AXIS codec once you go to the camera page (which may require various ActiveX permissions and other security changes to Windows defaults)
Firefox: Same as for Chrome, since it uses QuickTime, too
Safari: we don’t recommend using Safari on Windows


Chrome: QuickTime needs to be installed for Chrome

Firefox: Needs QuickTime installed

Safari: Should be good to go

IE:  Not recommended on a Mac

Basically, we’ve gone to using Chrome whenever we can since it seems to work the best across Windows and Macs both, but if you have a preference for another browser, these options should get both your video and your audio enabled. And hopefully save you a lot of frustration of thinking you installed the hardware wrong …

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