If you google “record phone call” or “digital audio recorder+phone,” you may end up watching spy videos.  Thanks for the entertaining spy videos Google, but I’m just trying to do my thesis.  I’m trying to figure out how to record my phone interviews, and this won’t be done secretly.

The OSU Student Media Services desk at the library is extremely helpful, and they have a ton of equipment to check out.   They have a device that connects to the Zoom H2 digital audio recorder, and plugs into your ear.  Both me and the person on the phone will be recorded.  Unfortunately, it’s broken!  They said they will try to order another device soon, along with some other types of leads (things that plug into my phone and the recorder).

I’ve heard it’s good to have 2 recorders working, just to be safe, so  I’m also looking into apps that record calls.  I’ve seen a few for iPhones, but I have an Android.  Free Android apps include Record My Call, Call Recorder, and Auto Call Recorder.  One question… What are the privacy rules with these apps?  Will any outside party be able to access the recording?

If anyone has suggestions for recording phone interviews, PLEASE (!) let me know!  Thanks 🙂

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