There is nothing like celebrating Pi Day at the Exploratorium! The scientists’ time on the floor was cut a little short today due to Pi Day festivities, but it was fun taking it all in. The field trip explainers, who spend a lot of time working directly with the scientists on this project, put on an amazing performance of an original song, which I recorded for your viewing pleasure. Sitting in our afternoon meetings we could hear the celebration continue. There was a parade of the digits of pi that worked its way through the museum. And let’s not forget actual pie (I had a piece of strawberry pie and chicken & spinach quiche).

This was a special Pi Day celebration for the Exploratorium. A physicist at the Exploratorium founded Pi Day and it is the last year the museum will celebrate Pi Day at the Palace of Fine Arts (the museum moves to Pier 15 in 2013). More information and Pi Day activities can be found at

I need to give a shout out to the band, Buffon’s Needle, in the video.
Adam Green, keyboards
Chas Thomsen, bass
Lok Chan, guitar
Ryan Juan, drums
Khamara Pettus, lead vocals
Remaining field trip explainers, back-up vocals

And sorry for the late post, using the iPad along with editing and uploading videos is a learning experience!

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