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Typical vs. Maximal Performance

  April 30th, 2024

I would choose to hire Jaime because I would prefer consistency rather than peaks of excellence. That said, it would also depend on the job they would be hired for. Some people are motivated and find they are able to thrive in different roles, and I believe both these players will thrive in different environments. Ultimately, I am hiring for the long term in most cases, and ideally not for a crisis. While Jaime may not shine as brightly as Avery, I need a consistency in the workplace.

I would probably hire Avery in a high stress job. To me, she seems like someone who is extremely talented and needs to feel the need to push herself. I could see her succeeding in a first responder position, or in a busy stock brokerage where the need for action is present and obvious. She is probably highly intelligent and if she doesn’t feel challenged, then she probably doesn’t feel the motivation to apply herself. I could also see her excelling as a doctor or maybe a even lawyer.

Jaime I would hire for most jobs that are not high stress, where consistency is most important. I would hire her as a sales manager, or in an accounting firm. I would see her excelling here because the organization will thrive off consistency. She is not necessarily going to be the flashy hire, but like we read in the textbook this week; that leading CEO didn’t consider himself particularly smarter or more skilled than anyone else, but he remained consistent in searching for A players and that consistency made him an extremely successful manager.

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