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Job Descriptions

  April 18th, 2024

I took me a while to apply and get my first job that wasn’t me mowing neighbors’ lawns and running a local painting company, so my experience with a job application and job description was pretty limited for a while. I remember my first job application I had was as a waiter at a local diner. Pretty quickly I realized that a lot of the information on this application and job description was really dated, and a lot of the requirements didn’t even apply to the current state of the restaurant. On top of that, being a waiter is a specific skill that you can’t really learn from a job description; you learn by doing it, and there really isn’t a step-by-step to becoming an optimal server. Largely, success as a waiter is how you decide as an individual to run your section in the restaurant and being mentored by more experienced people in the industry.

Later I was employed by Oswego Grill, and that was really interesting because they were extremely specific in what they wanted for their waiters. It was really impressive to see how this specific code of conduct and investment into various actions created a loyal customer base. Not only did this create a consistent customer service for the guests, but it laid out clear expectations for success as an employee. It has always been my favorite waiting job prior to following my path of firefighting, and it gave me a lot of experience and knowledge on how to work in customer service and how clear communication can make for a smooth operation.

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