The power of Design can not only affect and change a person, but it can also even change the whole world. Design thinking helps us to comprehensively grasp the needs of technology, business, and humanity from a higher perspective, and to “predict the future” in a way of “designing the future”. The innovative methods of design thinking are widely used in many fields. Everyone can participate in innovation. Design thinking starts from people, serves people, and seeks sustainable innovation breakthroughs through specific processes and rules. Design is the most important consideration for the future development of science and technology or the expansion of fields.

The power of designers is infinite, they will display their talent through more fields, for the future of design is +.

When I watched this video, I made a general summary of Lu Yongzhong’s design concept and designed it for life.

After reading the article, design thinking is indeed available in all fields. Nowadays, high-tech design is an interdisciplinary design, which promotes design innovation.

Next big idea

According to the reading materials, I learned that design thinking starts from people, people’s desire and demand, understands consumers, obtains inspiration from them, and takes this as the starting point to seek breakthrough innovation. Change the original idea to get new design inspiration. A belief system that positively changes the world, a way to trigger ideas. Design thinking aims at the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life and carries out creative design and practice according to cultural methods and methods.

By watching the song to find the next idea, TED, I came up with the idea that it would be both environmentally friendly and fashionable to use the phone case as a stereo or the earphone cord as a shoelace.

Develop thinking patterns

Through reading, I learned that if you want good design, it is very important to cultivate design thinking. Design thinking, in my understanding, is the designer’s subjective thoughts to express the objective reality. The core of design thinking is creativity. The concrete manifestation of design is the creative activity that people carry out in order to achieve their own goals. Keep changing your perspective. It is to look at things from another perspective, from the habit of normal observation out of the observation method. In short, if you want to develop your design thinking, start by exploring the problem.

IDEO incorporates a people-oriented research and design process, practices, shares, integrates insights across projects, and communicates with other industries.
Design is a very interesting thing. Although commerce imposes many heavy burdens on it, art is an expression form to release the human heart. Its greatest charm lies in perfection, the perfection of life and the perfection of humanity.

The prototype

Prototyping is the most important aspect of product development and determines the direction of the software, just as important as the architect’s drawings. The core purpose of prototyping is to test products, and no company can go straight to products and services without testing them. Prototyping is the initial stage of product development, the process of creating prototypes for products based on requirements. Prototypes are usually used for demonstration, testing, communication, etc. The prototype usually represents only a part of the characteristics of the product, but the input of prototype design is relatively small in the whole software development process, and it directly determines the future software development direction, so the input-output ratio is very high, so this process is very important.

A prototype is a communication tool. Wireframes depict the functional structure of the page
Prototypes give you first-hand insight into how your users will interact with and react to the product you’re designing, and seeing early versions of the product can show you if and how it works in the real world

Stimulate creativity

I learned from reading articles and watching videos that design itself is a creation. Design without any innovation produces no value for the design itself. Innovation doesn’t just happen out of thin air. It can be achieved through hard work as knowledge of the nature of the problem deepens, experience and Patterns accumulate. Creativity is the ability to solve problems with as many original and feasible solutions as possible. Again powerful divergent thinking, no aggregation guide, the implementation of the ground, that is, a dish looks very beautiful scattered sand. Creativity is our primary product, working to come up with n solutions to our customers’ problems. Design Thinking is a set of scientific training methods to improve creativity, with a wide range of applicability. The biggest enemy of creative thinking is inertia. Worldview, living environment and intellectual background all influence people’s attitudes and ways of thinking about things and things, but the most important factor is past experience. There are a lot of experiences in life that can affect people’s thinking all the time.

Through reading articles and watching videos, I learned that creativity is stimulated by divergent thinking, brainstorming, and remixing.

Ideas can be turned into wealth through practice.

The diversity of human perspectives

When I read the contents of week 5, I learned that design is to show the diversity of human perspectives. It is easy to find design opportunities only based on existing experience. Generally speaking, this skill can make most design problems easily found. But we can actually use more methods to find problems that others haven’t found, which can lead to more innovation. To sum up, we need to listen, see and do more. By watching “fashion is the engine of innovation” I learned that the distribution of fashion is described as a movement from one element of society to another. Diffusion of influence from the center to edge can be designed in a layered or transverse manner.

Design can also build good, desirable artifacts, experiences, and scenarios that are superimposed forces in today’s world. It helps us live a good life by generating and promoting new values.
X-ray vision, metamorphosis, ESP and the ability to make others superhuman

The power of design thinking

Design thinking is a way of thinking, not a process, just as entrepreneurial thinking is not exactly the same as the entrepreneurial process. However, design thinking can well embed or cut into a highly unstructured process. In this process, the three Spaces of design thinking, including inspiration, conception, and realization, are always visited and examined by designers until an ideal solution is found. Good design is bound up with the design process, and all team members, regardless of their roles, are responsible for the design, because the process is design; The interface and the experience are the end result. In my view, the power of design thinking is to get people to be risk-takers, start with a creative assumption, make some tentative adjustments, see what impact it has on the business, and then repeat the process.

“Snow White project” is a very effective way to create a good consumer experience by creating a story column. It can visualize the user experience and help enterprises provide better services for users.
Design thinking is an understanding of the design process, so all involved, regardless of their role, are responsible for creating a functional, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and reasonably priced product.

Design is through storytelling

The core competence of the designer is the ability of storytelling, which suddenly dawned on me. The essence of design is an expression, which is a way of expression just like movies and books. The key lies in how to achieve effective expression. In this regard, storytelling embodies its advantages, because it is a comprehensive ability, just as important as design thinking. Storytelling is actually another way of expression dominated by emotional thinking. It can be seen from a simple survey that many professions emphasize a kind of story thinking. Because storytelling is an effective way to communicate, express ideas, and persuade others. In fact, the reason why designers emphasize storytelling is not only that story thinking can better express your design philosophy, but also that it can help designers explore and understand the target users and their situation in the whole design process, stimulate creativity, create design prototypes and evaluate the design.

The “structuralism” of design thinking is constantly thinking about how to create something new. As well as empathy, designers understand the needs of customers and design products with meaning.
By watching the video, I designed a pair of shoes for the disabled. The blind can receive the command to stop or go by the sensor of the shoes.

Smart student card

As a student, I often lose my student card, which causes me a lot of trouble, such as shopping in the school supermarket or printing in the school. The school for the replacement of the student card also needs to charge, so this is a very troublesome thing. If you can have a smart student card, it will be much more convenient. The smart student card can be added to the mobile phone wallet, the mobile phone is often carried by people, which can prevent the loss to a large extent. Meanwhile, new functions are added, such as GPS buses, real-time updated schedules, and school maps, which make it more convenient for us to use the student card.

As students, we often lose the student card, and the function of the student card is too simple. But there is no good solution.
The student card can be added to the mobile phone wallet, the mobile phone is often carried by people, which can prevent the loss to a large extent. At the same time, new functions are added, such as GPS bus, real-time updated schedule, and school map, making it more convenient for us to use the student card.

Hello world!

Intelligent cloakroom

Usually when people go out, trying on clothes is a very troublesome thing, hurry to go out, resulting in a wardrobe always messy. So I designed a more intelligent dressing room, including a smart mirror and wardrobe. The buttons on the mirror control the whole wardrobe, and the clothes inside are classified by color, style and so on. As long as the clothes are placed in a cabinet, they can be identified and classified inside. More convenient is, people can find the clothes they want through the mirror, carry on the collocation and the selection, can simulate fitting room, through the selection of good clothes, intelligent wardrobe will automatically handed out.I think this design can help people to solve the trouble before going out and most girls can’t find clothes.

The problem that always bothers people is that they always mess up their closets and try on clothes before they go out. Just finishing the wardrobe, again and again, to mess up, really troublesome.

If you have a smart dressing room, you can solve these problems by arranging clothes with a single button and simulating matching in a mirror.