Government Relations Office at Oregon State University


The Government Relations Office at Oregon State University is a small and wonderful organization run by excellent and knowledgeable professionals. The Government Relations Office is dedicated to the process of building and maintaining relationships between OSU and multiple political communities.

The Government Relations Office is a democratic organization that encourages free flowing ideas. Employees work in both individual settings and in teams to create new ideas and opportunities for further community impact.

The culture of the office is fairly strict. Formal business attire is recommended while working. Employees work inside of Kerr, the administration building on the Oregon State campus, in the president’s office. The Oregon State campus is known for its beauty, and enjoyable views.

Being located in Corvallis, Oregon; the environment is welcoming and exciting. There are very low crime rates, minimal traffic, and wonderful K-12 schools for children to attend; not to mention living close to Oregon State gives future college students excellent opportunities. The Corvallis environment is also actively engaged in providing excellent alternatives to driving, including bus and shuttle transportation. Downtown Corvallis is a lovely place to spend an evening out; there are many enjoyable restaurants and bars that can accommodate all needs.

The main goal and mission of the Government Relation Office is to create opportunities and involvement for the students of OSU to connect with local, state, and government officials. Students are able to discuss possible internship possibilities through the different levels of the government. In the recent past, the Relations Office has provided student internships such as the Senator Merkley Internship Forum and the Legislative Internship Forum. The opportunities provided are not just limited to internships. During the 2015-16 school year, the Government Relations Office is hosting multiple events for Students to become involved in the political sphere. OSU day at the capital and Statewide Public Service Day are two events that give students excellent chances to become involved in the political world.

If you have an interest in public policy, government relations, and providing new possibilities to students and individuals throughout the Oregon State community then the Government Relations Office is a perfect organization for you.


Brannon Rains is a sophomore Political Science major in the College if Liberal Arts at Oregon State University, currently enrolled in WR214, Writing in Business. He is employed in the Center for Leadership Development as a Peer Leadership Consultant in the Student Experience Center.