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While doing the testing, I decided to do one towards weight. I found it very intriguing on how it would say you are right or wrong, with a body image, and only giving two options, not fat, or fat. I thought that it was interesting coming from a standard computerized test of what was defined as a body type. When we look at discrimination, we see it in the way we judge people with our looks, and the way we speak to one another. It is in our body language, and tone that is used. The test showed the bias between it, assuming that one is unhealthy due to the fact of their shape, whereas this may be the best for them. 

It is interesting to look and see the different selections that are being made while taking this test. Looking at people’s body types shows that they could look unhealthy, or that they are, but by seeing a body type doesn’t always necessarily mean those things. For example, if you have an eating disorder, or if you have diabetes, the best way to take care of yourself may not be as fit and as crazy in shape as society has told us to be. There may be different factors, like you aren’t able to work out as hard due to a heart condition. It relates to implicit bias because it is the way that we were unconsciously shown to see the world, and to jump to certain conclusions without meaning to at times. 

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