Blog Post #3 – CS 467

I’d say my journey in CS 467 has been a great experience so far. My group projects in previous classes have all been of smaller scopes that typically dealt with a single topic, so it’s great to have experience working on a larger scale, term-long project of a more open-ended nature. Our team is using Discord for communication, and we have all been responsive in responding to each other. Discord is a nice tool for software developers, as we are able to see each other’s status and be able to hop on voice calls instantly, whether on a phone or computer.

My build has been going well so far. At first, I spend a lot of time setting up the Poetry environment and getting the game to run on my computer. It was a difficult process to setup and I ended up spending all my time with the setup that I was not able to contribute much code for the first progress report. Now that my setup is complete and I’m comfortable with it, I will be able to work a lot faster and make more personal progress and contributions towards the project.

I feel that our project is on track to succeed. I’d say that we had initially spent more time than expected getting the project setup and learning to use the technologies, but everyone has been caught up in learning them and are familiar with the tools since the past week. We have been making significant progress the past week and will continue to do so going forward.

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