wpid-drum-roll-pleaseFinal Strat PlanI’m very pleased to share with you here the final draft of the 2016 Division of Outreach & Engagement Strategic Plan.

This draft contains the vision, mission, values, goals, and strategy text that will go into the final, polished set of plan documents. In the coming months Ann Marie Murphy, the Division Communications & Marketing Manager, will be working on designing those polished documents – so expect a formal launch of the Strategic Plan in a couple of months.

In the meantime, enjoy this version of the plan!


The Strategic Planning Process is coming to a close, so here’s an update on how it all went.

Overall, the take-home is that we stuck with our original plan and we engaged hundreds of Division staff, faculty, and administrators as well as external stakeholders. THANK YOU, everyone!

Here are some visuals of the process:

Phase 1 – developing the Values & Goals

Phase 1 Process Visual_Participation












Phase 2 – developing the Strategies to achieve the Goals

Phase 2 Process Visual_Participation

Draft 2 Strategies PicThanks to the help of the Division Executive Team, we were able to start narrowing the list of strategies and actions to achieve our 5 goals for the Division. Here is that draft, for your records.

2016 OE Strat Plan_Strategies_Draft 2_20160516

Division faculty and staff will ring in on this draft and further narrow it to a set of key strategies we want to prioritize for the strategic plan.

casting a wide netWith the input from over 100 Division faculty, staff, and administrators from across the state, as well as the input from external stakeholders representing a diversity of perspectives, the Strategic Plan Steering Committee has been able to develop a 1st draft of strategies for the Strategic Plan. We synthesized your ideas for actions we should take to reach our Division-wide goals in this first draft. The draft is available here for your perusal:

2016 OE Strat Plan_Strategies_Draft 1_20160421

The next steps of the process involve narrowing this extensive list of strategies to those that will be feasible, have a real impact on our goals, and are highest priority… keep that in mind as you look at this draft, and add your comments below! Stay in touch for more details on how you can participate in more discussions about these strategies.

Changing CourseWhen you’re implementing a process as big as this one and you’re being thoughtful about it, adjustments may be necessary along the way… As we’ve progressed through our plan development process, the steering committee has realized that our original plan to conduct regional focus groups across the state to gather ideas about strategies for inclusion in the Division Strategic Plan may have been a bit overly ambitious…

Our original plan for these focus groups in Phase II was for Lena to meet with folks across the state in our 10 regions and conduct at least two meetings on campus in a two-week period – a lot of car time and a lot of prep time in only 10 days! Also in our original plan was for faculty, staff, and external stakeholders to all meet together in these meetings to identify ways the Division might make progress toward our new goals. But we’re realizing now that mixing these two groups may have stifled open conversation and would likely cause unnecessary conflict because external stakeholders probably would not have any desire to discuss strategies for making progress toward some of our internally-focused goals (like improving our workplace culture or better integrating into the university). So, we’ve decided to adjust the process a bit. Instead of regional focus groups we’ll do the following:

  1. Hold 5 two-hour webinars, for each of the goal areas, open to all Division faculty and staff. During these webinars the participants will learn about the strategies that have already been identified from the survey and offer suggestions for additional strategies or build on the initial suggestions.
  2. Hold 1 two-hour webinar open to members of the public for them to offer suggestions about the strategies the Division could use to achieve the goals that involve the public (these would be goals like providing multiple and varied ways for people to access education, research, and information, but not goals like integrating outreach and engagement throughout OSU).
    • To identify these members of the public I will send out an email to the Division leadership (RAs, Program Leaders, Ecampus directors, Open Campus director, PACE director, Summer Session director, Exec Team, etc.) asking them to nominate 1 or 2 people to participate in this webinar – these people may be members of their Citizens Advisory Networks, members of the public they think are just really good thinkers about these things, or people who represent organizations that are succeeding in any of our goal areas. I will then invite them to participate in the webinar.
  3. Then, as planned, the steering committee will meet to discuss all this feedback and then hone the strategies for presentation to the Exec Team and the rest of the Division.

Here’s a visual of the modified process. The only change we’ve made is to the method we’ll use in the second step, when we “identify additional strategies.”

Phase 2 Process Visual_20160229