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Sandbox Instructors and Courses

Sixteen instructors have been selected to teach their courses in the sandbox systems in Spring term. There will be 8 courses in ‘Blackboard 14’ and 8 in Canvas. The courses represent a broad range of subject matter, course size and instructor rank:

Instructor Course LMS Course Type
Nathan Langner Computers in Digital Art   – ART 122 Blackboard 14 On Campus
Andre Habet Writing 121 Blackboard 14 On campus
Darilyn Barney Merrill Math 112 Blackboard 14 On Campus
Dave Stemper Environmental   Interpretation – FES 493/593 Blackboard 14 Ecampus
Kari Pilolla Nutrition &   Exercise Science 225 Blackboard 14 On Campus
Kelly Erickson International Law and   Organizations – PS 454 Blackboard 14 Ecampus
Amy Bourne Accounting 427 Blackboard 14 On Campus
Tim Hazzard Animal Genetics – ANS 378 Blackboard 14 Ecampus
John Morris Integrative Strategic   Experience – BA 466 Canvas On Campus
Bill Fech Writing 121 section Canvas Ecampus
Richard Nafshun Chemistry 140 Canvas Ecampus
Amber Vaughn Math 112 Canvas On Campus
Kara Witzke Scientific Basis of   Inquiry – EXSS – 499 Canvas Cascades on campus
Jeff Kollath Intro to Statistical   Methods  – ST 352 Canvas On campus
Kathy Greaves Human Sexuality – HDFS 240 Canvas On Campus
Amy Harwell Human Anatomy &   Physiology – Z 333 Canvas Ecampus


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