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End of Term Recap

  December 6th, 2015

Wow, this has been a crazy term. This class was extremely informational and I learned so much! I knew about the gender pay gap and things like that but I never realized how bad it was. I learned so much about STEM careers and it makes me really sad that I switched out of a STEM field, but it was just too hard for me. When I have kids I am definitely going to open their eyes to STEM careers at a young age.

My favorite week was the LEGO week, I grew up with LEGOs so it was awesome to learn more about them and get class credit for it!

I also learned a lot about how my computer is here to help me not confuse me. I never knew you can get your computer to talk to you, I use it all the time. It’s awesome! And I learned a lot about how to set up blogs, which is really important in my field. I could use it on my resume.

I probably won’t continue this blog after this term. I already have another blog that I barely write in, so I don’t think I need two.

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