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Extra Credit

  October 12th, 2015

For extra credit we had to set up an RSS feed. I have read and heard about RSS feeds in other classes but I never realized how easy it was to get. First I logged into my Google account. I found the News tab (which I never knew existed) and searched for “Gender and Technology”. I scrolled to the bottom of the page and in the footer was the RSS link. It took me to another page that just looked like a bunch of jumbled characters. I copied the URL and went to my blog. From there I went to the Widgets tab and added the RSS widget. In that widget I pasted the URL and titled the feed “Gender and Technology” and clicked save. I think these headlines will be a great starting point for finding news on Gender and Technology. Sometimes the headlines wont be relevant to my topic but it is interesting to see what is going on in the world. I did see an article that we used in this weeks reading about the California governor signing a bill to allow equal pay. And there was another article, Computer science is now the most popular major for women at Stanford University, about how Standford is closing the gender gap in computer science. This would have been a great article for this weeks readings because of the video we watched about STEM careers.

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