What are the potential differences between Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce Cloud Plans?

For a long time, Adobe Commerce and Magento development have been used interchangeably by budding entrepreneurs. But only a few have tried to know how they are connected and how the plans differ. 

It was in 2016 when Magento 2 was launched as a PaaS (Platform as a Service) platform with its Enterprise Cloud Edition. And Adobe did pay attention to the heightened features of this platform. In 2018, Adobe then acquired Magento and made eCommerce a part of its Experience Cloud, supporting real-time personalization, delivery, and data collection. 

It was in 2019 when Adobe launched its SaaS Commerce Cloud plan, which is the cloud-based plan of Magento. The budding entrepreneurs who take up this plan with Magento will be able to use Adobe tools such as Advertising Cloud and Analytics Cloud.

Adobe intended to provide users with Magento support and enable them to use diverse extensions for added customizations to the Magento store. You can take advantage of the help of partners and developers within the Magento ecosystem to use the Adobe Commerce version of this eCommerce platform seamlessly. 

In short, Adobe Commerce and Open Source Magento Development Melbourne are somehow linked to provide you with the best eCommerce solution. So, if you are willing to choose one of the two plans for building your online store, this article is what will help you come to a decision. 

What’s the general understanding of Adobe Commerce and the Magento Open Source Plan?

As you know, Magento 2 is the eCommerce platform that offers you a mobile-friendly solution that can be upgraded easily. As of today, there are two versions available when you choose Magento as your eCommerce platform. They are Magento Community Edition and Adobe Commerce. 

The Adobe Commerce version was earlier referred to as Magento Commerce or Magento Enterprise Edition. Magento’s open-source plan is made available with a dedicated license, allowing developers and businesses to modify or customize the software to suit their business needs. 

On the other hand, the Adobe Commerce version is a premium and paid plan for you to run your e-commerce business. It provides you with cloud-based and on-premise options to choose from. If you go with the Adobe Commerce Cloud version, you must know it is centrally managed from a unified UI. 

What are Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce Cloud?

Before getting along with the differences between Adobe Commerce and Magento development, here’s a brief insight into what these two plans are:

Magento Open Source:

In simple words, Magento Open Source is the free and open-source plan of Adobe Commerce. If you are a small business owner with the idea of adding basic functionality and extensions, Magento development with an open-source plan is what you must seek. 

There is a big community of top-notch developers and a big marketplace of tools, making Magento Open Source a popular platform. Experts from your Magento development company will help you craft the best store, even with the open-source version of the platform. 

Adobe Commerce:

Adobe Commerce is the high-end version of the Magento Open Source plan and offers you complete control over all features and functionalities. Upon choosing this plan, you get features like drag & drop content management, which enables you to manage or build your design and content without the need for a Magento development professional. 

Experts offering Magento development in Melbourne prefer Adobe Commerce for its sophistication associated with rapid innovation. It is an enterprise platform that combines enhanced functionalities, empowering business tools, and astounding scalability to keep your eCommerce business ahead of the crowd

How do Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source differ from one another?

If you are about to hire an expert to offer you Magento development in Melbourne, it is time you knew the difference between both of its plans, Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source. Here are some of them, based on different comparison factors:

  1. Cost Comparison:

Based on cost, Magento Open Source wins the comparison and is free for you to use and build your online store. On the other hand, Adobe Commerce comes with a license fee, which is charged as a specific percentage of the total annual revenue. 

But, if you compare the value that these plans bring with them at the cost they are available at, Adobe Commerce can be a better pick than Magento Open Source. 

  1. Scalability:

If you want to grow as an eCommerce business, planning your scalability is important right from the start. If you are seeking instant growth for your business, Adobe Commerce can be a better version, as it comes with comprehensive features. 

But, if you are sticking to the free version, it might be difficult for you to grow exponentially. It is because you must build every new component that your business growth will demand. 

  1. Security:

As far as cybersecurity aspects are concerned, your Magento development company will recommend that you go with Adobe Commerce. The Open Source version of Magento doesn’t have the credit card tokenization feature and misses out on advanced payment protection features as well. 

Therefore, running your store on Magento Open Source might be risky in the long run, as ensuring secured transactions will be difficult without the above-specified features. 

  1. Features:

Your Magento developers will let you know the features of both the free and paid plans of the platform. They will help you compare the functionalities of both plans to help you decide what’s better for your business. 

As per expert suggestions by the Magento developers, all of the core features are the same on both platforms. However, Adobe Commerce tends to offer even more advanced functionality across diverse areas. 

It is natural to acquire more features when you hire a Magento developer to use the Adobe Commerce plan than its Open Source counterpart. But still, do take a look at them in brief to be able to decide on what would be more helpful for you. 

Parting Words

So, this is how you can differentiate between Adobe Commerce and the open-source plan of Magento for building eCommerce stores. Even though Adobe Commerce has proven benefits over the Open Source plan, there are a few things that are similar in them both, such as responsiveness and simple checkout! 

Therefore, if you are planning on starting a basic eCommerce site, you can hire a Magento developer to work with the Open Source plan. On the other hand, if you want outstanding UX and out-of-the-box eCommerce capabilities, go with Adobe Commerce for the same. 

Once you have made your decision, let your Magento development company professionals know your business idea, and let them execute their skills in building you the best online store. 

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