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What do you do with your completed wave energy device?

In the process of making this kit out team often discussed how to make this device and kit as sustainable as possible. In our kit, there are some materials that we were able to recycle, to give new life, and limit our impact on the resources around us. Sustainability is a growing topic in the engineering world, and with sustainability in mind, we have come up with some ideas that students can do with the completed device. Students may choose to keep experimenting with the device or use it as a toy in the tub or pool. The following list other options for reusing, recycling, and reducing waste. 

  1. Regift: give the completed or deconstructed device to a friend or neighbor along with the instructions and pass along the gift of science and learning 
  2. Repurpose: by capping the ends of the plastic tube and removing the bobber and fishing line, you can turn the device into a flashlight that is powered by shaking the magnets quickly 
  3. Reduce waste: the magnets are powerful and can be used for a DIY fridge magnet, the coil can be used in DIY crafts, the paperclip and bobber may be used for common purposes, the foam used for packaging, and the plastic pieces may be recycled 

This is not a completed list and students should feel free to come up with their own ideas as well.

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