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Fourth Grade Valentine’s Cards: The OG Game Theory

Way back when, in the days of yore, Valentine’s cards were handed out willy-nilly. You received a card from many of your classmates and reciprocated as such. However, what happened when there was that special someone across the room that … Continue reading

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All You Can Eat Salmonella

I have approximately 17 minutes to express myself before the deadline so let’s keep this brief. The word “buffet” brings all kinds of thoughts to mind. Some may think of value, others may think of bloating. Then some may think … Continue reading

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Correlation vs. Causation: Tourists’ Impact on Locals’ Happiness

For the travelers out there, It is more than likely you have witnessed how locals often despise tourists. I wonder if this is a correlation or causation scenario. As I sit here before my pint of beer pondering this question, … Continue reading

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Why People Pay Real Money in Video Games: The Candy Crush Chronicle

For those who have not heard of the new, popular mobile phone game, Candy Crush, allow me enlighten you. Under its heartwarming exterior lies a scene of dark psychological persuasion. It is both a game and an addiction. Though I … Continue reading

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