Could the Police Departments Become Private-owned Companies?

One of the questions that bothered me recently is that why the police departments couldn’t be private-owned. United States is a privatized country. Most of the companies are private-owned, and it works very well and makes the U.S. becomes the richest nation in the world. But could the police departments become private-owned as well? The answer would be “no.” Firstly, if the police departments become private-owned companies, then “how to survive” would be the major problem the companies are going to face. Thus profit would be the major concern for them. If it is like so, then some rich people could sponsor the police companies. Since those people are the mainly source of money, they could avoid the punishment and even put the blame on somebody else. This would lead to the social injustice. Secondly, if two different police companies investigate the same case, it could waste the human and physical resource. Thirdly, in order to compete with each other, two different police companies would try to kill the clues that the opponent found and disturb them. This would result in the lower detection rate in a total and the increase of criminal rate. Fourthly, nobody wants to call the police and then pay the money. If it is like so, who wants to call the police? The police companies might also stop helping the victims if the victims couldn’t pay enough to them. Finally, if the private police company becomes larger, it could pose a threat to the government, which may affect the rendering of a fair award.

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  1. phillels says:

    Fire departments used to be privately run by insurance companies. They ran into so many problems before it was socialized.

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