Is red meat really bad for your heart?

There seems to be more and more literature on how bad red meat is for humans and the increased risk of heart disease it causes.  Does red meat really cause heart disease or is it something else?  My paternal grandparents both grew up on farms in Nebraska.  My grandfather died in 1981, at the age of 81, of a brain hemorrhage due to a defect in an artery, and my grandmother died in 2008, at the age of 104, from old age.  Both had grown up eating red meat almost every day.  When I spent my summer vacations with them, we would eat a lot of red meat.  My grandparents raised beef and chickens so there was almost always eggs for breakfast and some type of red meat for dinner.  Neither of my grandparents had any issues with heart disease and as far as I know, their siblings didn’t either.  I think there may be something else in the meat we buy at the store that is causing heart disease.  Could it be the type of diet the cattle are on?  Are the cattle farms near large cities which have a lot of smog?  Is the water contaminated?    I think there are too many variables to specifically state that red meat causes heart disease.  I think that a good study would be to see how health compares in people who eat the same type of diet except some eat red meat from environmentally clean farms and the others who eat red meat from stores.  There is definitely a correlation with red meat and heart disease but I’m suspect to say that red meat causes heart disease.


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