Corvallis Recycling Block Captains Needed

The Sustainability Coalition’s Waste Prevention Action Team is inviting Corvallis residents to participate in the Recycling Block Captains program. As a recycling block captain, you can help educate your neighbors about recycling, composting, and waste prevention, as well as encourage their full participation in the opportunities that Republic Services is currently providing. The time commitment is 1-5 […]

Recycling and Composting off Campus

With the end of the term coming to a close, many students are thinking about moving off campus for the next academic year. However, since on campus recycling and composting services are provided by UHDS and other sustainability groups and programs, many students are confused about what to do about recycling and composting once they’re […]

Get Caught Green Handed

Throughout the second week of March, members of SSI and the “Waste Watchers” sought out to catch students at OSU on their best ‘green’ behavior. Those that were seen recycling, composting, reusing, or performing other healthy environmental activities were rewarded with a variety of prizes. This promotion of being “green” was held throughout all last […]