Sustainable Student Spotlight: Justin Tran

Justin Tran is our Sustainable Student of the week! Justin is a third year student, double majoring in Chemical Engineering and Sustainability. He is involved in a research project with Dr. Nick Auyeung on campus, focusing on using thermochemical energy! The project is storing the sun’s energy using a chemical reaction then reversing that reaction […]

Sustainable Student Spotlight: Eco-Reps!

\We are happy to announce (and shine the spotlight on) our 2015-2016 Eco-Representatives! Eco-Reps are responsible for encouraging a culture of sustainability in the residence halls in which they live. They educate residents about sustainable lifestyles and resources, assist with marketing and outreach efforts for sustainability programs, and plan and execute sustainability-focused events. They also […]

Sustainable Student Spotlight: Tai Odaniell

Tai Odaniell is a sophomore at OSU studying Chemical Engineering who is committed to making the world a more sustainable environment. Tai was a part of the Johnson Internship Program for the School for Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering this summer and helped develop a solar dish that uses parabolic mirrors to concentrate sunrays into […]