OSU Sustainability Double Degree

Oregon State University provides the opportunity for you to double major very easily. Are you interested in combining your current degree with a second Bachelors in Sustainability? Read on!

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September 21, 2021

Did you know Oregon State University provides several opportunities for you to double degree?

Wait, what does that even mean?

Students are able to earn multiple degrees simultaneously. This can either be after you were awarded your first degree (in the form of a post-baccalaureate) or while you are currently pursuing your first degree. While there are several options, one of our favorites is the Sustainability double degree (BS, HBS)! The only requirement is that you complete a minimum of 32 additional credits above the minimum number of credits needed for one of the degrees.

Even if you are not currently a student in the College of Agricultural Sciences, you can pursue a degree in Sustainability! They prepare students to incorporate sustainability into varied disciplinary and career pathways and to become agents of positive change in their professions and their communities. There are several fascinating classes, ranging from a wide variety of fields, including Ecology, Natural Resources, Environmental Law, Food Systems/Justice, and Business Management.

To learn more about the Sustainability Double Degree, the Sustainability Minor, and to get connected with an advisor, click here.

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