Importance of Job Descriptions

Through my years of working in various different fields and industries there is always a fellow employee who states that’s not my job. This phrase shows that employees are willing to not do certain tasks if they feel it is not part of their job. Creating job descriptions for the employees of a company helps decipher this mentality or confusion of what is my job? It can break down each role and responsibility for each and every job title in the company, and from that you can group or set standards for what each job entails. This information can help employees stay on track and do the job they are hired to do at the companies standard.

The importance of developing job descriptions for each and every job is a good idea for a company because it sets the standards for employees performance. This will allow employees to know what is required of them and will help minimize the idea or mindset of that’s not my job. Detailed job descriptions in a company can help managers determine if an employee should be promoted or fired. If an employee is doing more than what is expected of them the managers will see that and have a good reason to promote that employee. On the contrary if the employee is doing far less than what the job description entails it will give the manager concrete reasoning to let that employee go.

Overall in my experience working at companies that have a detailed description of the job I need to do for the position I am applying for has helped me be a good employee. It has allowed me to see what it will take for me to get to the next level, and reach that management position. This is why I feel companies should take the time and effort to break down descriptions for each job in there company to lay down the standards for their employees. In turn this will be a road map to how to be successful at the company.

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