Interview Effectiveness

Over my years of working I have applied for a number of jobs each of the different job interviews gave me some kind of feed back on what an effective interview consist of. There is always a sense of nervousness as an applicant going into an interview. As an employer getting ready to do an interview I feel it is important to try and make the applicant feel comfortable that way they don’t feel pressured. That way the interview process can be reliable if the person applying is nervous you might not get reliable information from them. In my experience the best interviews in my opinion were when the employer made it more of a conversation and less of a grilling session with structured questions. Don’t get me wrong it is important as an employer to have game plan for the interview and be prepared. This will help validate the interview process and the selection. In my experience of doing interviews it was always a bad interview if the employer was not prepared with anything. This made for a lot of awkward pauses and a lack of conversation. By not having questions prepared for the interview it makes it hard to transition topics. This can cause an employer to miss out on some potential information from the applicant that would cause them to be a good hire. It is important to prepare a set of question that make the applicant show how they can be an asset to the company. In my experience having a good set of question makes the interview go smoother and dig deeper to expose the information they need to make a valid decision. Overall, In my experience with interviews employers who made the interview comfortable with a good set of questions to keep the flow of the interview were the best, and in my opinion the most effective.

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