Eastside Ecology Forum

Eastside Ecology Forum (EEF) is a place for scientists, managers, natural resource practitioners and others to share and discuss research, projects, issues and topics relevant to the region. We meet biweekly on Thursdays from October – May in person or online. To receive news, announcements and updates, please subscribe to the EEF mailing list

Date2023-2024 Schedule (4:00 PM every other Thursday)
10/19Peter Donovan
Soil health & watershed function: Social learning & communities of practice
11/2Morgan Solomon Baker Sage-grouse Local Implementation Team (LIT)
Mesic Protection and Restoration: A local prioritization process
11/16Casey Brown Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
Drought Effects on Bottom-Up Resources: Implications for Elk
11/30Stella Copeland EOARC-Burns, Agricultural Research Service
Simulated restoration outcomes suggest multiple seeding years and diverse germination behavior increase early seeding survival across the Great Basin
12/14Dallas Hall Defrees Sustainable Northwest
Sustainable Regenerative Ranching in the Pacific Northwest
1/11Will Price OSU Extension, Union/Baker Counties
Restoration Efforts to Improve Degraded Sagebrush Rangelands Using Dormant Season Grazing in SE Oregon
1/25Cameron Duquette The Nature Conservancy
Hysteresis in Arid Rangeland Plant Communities: Ecology, Screening Methods, and Strategic Management
2/8Trace Martyn. EOARC-Union, Oregon State University
How can restoration and theory coexist?
2/22Cameron Naficy. Wallowa Whitman National Forest, USDA Forest Service
Origins of complexity in moist mixed conifer forests: implications for forest management.
3/7Phil Howell USDA Forest Service
Unsolved Mystery: westslope cutthroat trout in the John Day River
4/4Lauren Svecjar EOARC-Burns, Agricultural Research Service
4/18David Bohnert EOARC- Burns, Oregon State University.
Virtual Fence Technologies for Grazing Management
5/2Matthew Hovland Animal & Rangeland Sciences, Oregon State University
Refuge on the Moon: Persistence and Diversity at Craters of the Moon National Monument
5/16Tavis Forrester Rocky Mountain Research Station, USDA Forest Service
Effects of Timber Harvest on Grizzley Bear Habitat Use and Diet
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