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Hi there! My name is Andrew Dorgan, and I want to tell you about my start in computer science. I have been working in the healthcare sector for about 6 years as an occupational therapist. If you’re wondering what that is, don’t worry…nobody knows! Plain and simple, I help people who are sick, injured or disabled maximize the extent to which they can engage in meaningful life activities. Broke your hip and can’t reach down to put on your shoes? I can help. Struggling to hold your paintbrush due to your stroke? I’m your man. While I truly enjoy helping someone reach their goals as a therapist, I was perplexed by the inept and confusing tools we were given to document and monitor our patients progress. We didn’t even have a convenient way to track our daily time card and productivity. This led me to exploring some basic intro to programming resources in the hopes of making a simple mobile application to keep track of my daily time card. I first started reading about Android development, but I didn’t get very far since I needed to know Java. I then started reading a textbook on Java and eventually started putting together my app. I was amazed at how my brain was being used in such a different way than it had been before. It was challenging and fun all at once. I was looking forward to going home after work so I could spend hours trying to code. After finally getting a working app finished and published, I thought, how far can I go with this? Around the same time, new changes in how Medicare works kicked in and my job took a real turn for the worse: increased workload with no increased pay, treating multiple patients simultaneously with no increased pay…you get the idea. With so many negative changes happening in the rehab world, I opted to go full-time as a student while working. It has definitely been a challenge balancing my life the past couple years, but the journey has been fun and I’m grateful for all the new knowledge and skills I have acquired. I’m looking forward to wrapping up the program this quarter and beginning a new chapter in my life. Cheers!

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