The Digital Production Unit (DPU) combines professional-grade production equipment with current industry standards and best practices to provide support for collection-level digitization projects, systemic digitization, as well as internal requests for small sets of items. The content we create is used in an ever-widening range of digital collections, research, teaching and learning.

The DPU primarily creates new digital content along two paths; digital collections and digitization as preservation. Much of the production work goes into Oregon Digital or ScholarsArchive@OSU. A core operation of the DPU is creating a high-quality copies of deteriorating original content that is in danger of being lost. Examples include videotape materials, glass plate negatives, DPU works closely with curators, archivists, conservators and other staff responsible for the care and management of special collections and archival materials as they undertake digital reformatting projects. DPU uses digital formats that are easily accessible and enable ongoing long-term management of the content for future users.

The DPU consists of Brian E. Davis, who manages the digitization and digital preservation operations, metadata technician Kevin Jones, and student technicians Nora Quick and Shelby Bremigan.

Featured Projects

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