5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

Lets start of with what conversion means in this context. Companies use a landing page, which is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result, marketing promotion, marketing email, or an online advertisement. Which these landing pages is where the conversion part comes in. Conversions are the desired action that the company wants a consumer to take on the landing page. In the this post I will go over 5 ways that someone can increase their landing page conversions.

  1. NBALPWACG. This acronym stands for Never Build A Landing Page Without A Campaign Goal. Basically, the company needs to have a goal set before they try and create a landing page for consumers. There needs to be a direction, needs to be measurable, and understandable goal set. This is important so the landing [age can then be created to reach these goals. The landing page is looking to get desired actions, so it is important to know what those desired actions are on that landing page.
  2. Testing. It is important to know how effective your landing page is. Conduct tests to see what things work and don’t work for the page and make adjustments to get more conversions on the page. Ryan Osman at Obility, has done this by testing with short-form and long-form landing pages. Learning what consumers find more appealing specifically and will spend more time on the landing page is important. Through testing the landing page will become more refined and become the best possible landing page for getting the desired conversions from consumers.
  3. Attention to Ratio. Many pages try to put in too much information and overwhelm the consumer. The ideal ratio is 1:1 or as close to that as possible. Keeping the pictures and wording to a minimum is important. Get the consumer to easily locate links such as “Get Started”, “Apply Now”, etc. will increase the conversions on the website. White space isn’t a bad thing. It can make a web page easier to navigate and follow without getting lost. When the consumer can’t find what they want quickly they will leave the page and look somewhere else.
  4. Mobile Friendly. It is very important to have the landing page be mobile friendly. In todays society, almost every single person has a smartphone that can do web searches. After being equal in searches with desktops in 2013, mobile search visits are almost double the amount of desktops in 2018. Make the landing page easy to use of a mobile device and easy to read even on the smaller device. Ease of use on mobile devices will create more conversions as there is more search traffic through that avenue nowadays.

5. Use Existing Media Channels. The more traffic going to the landing page the more conversions will occur. If the company already has social media pages such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, add links to the company landing page on those media pages. It will increase the visitors to the site and more visitors will create more conversions. Media is a great way to spread word about a business and working on increasing a following with these channels will help as well.


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