As a college student, I always feel lucky when a term passes during which the only headaches I get are from learning the material instead of wrestling with digital assignments, emailing back and forth with my professors, or getting ambushed by some minutiae of paperwork. Although I’m familiar with all of this (I started juggling paperwork in high school, when my school’s records dropped me from my math sequence), I think OSU can and should tackle this problem.


Information Services is working to preemptively save us, students, employees, and anyone else who uses OSU’s digital tools, from this level of frustration with TeamDynamix, a software suite powering a streamlined trio of help desk options.


These options are as follows:


  • A help ticket submission system
  • A comprehensive catalog of services provided by IS
  • A Knowledge Base aimed at self-help


The former software used was called ‘Coho’. Not to badmouth Coho; after all, it was used before my time working with Information Services. However, the rest of Information Services is pretty excited about the convenience of working with TeamDynamix as well as the convenience TeamDynamix promises the end users.


This is a screenshot of the ticket system using Coho:

This is a screenshot of the new ticket system:

Isn’t the new color scheme snappier? While the aesthetics have been improved, they’ve also been brought in line with OSU’s brand guidelines, so that Beavers always feel at home during their web experience. As you can see, both have account options; TeamDynamix will now preemptively offer you relevant menu options and hide the irrelevant ones.


Some of the benefits of TeamDynamix include a better mobile experience and the now shorter time involved for Information Services (IS) to process request tickets. While anyone can use our university’s website on their preferred browser to navigate to the three new options, TeamDynamix is offering dedicated mobile apps to be released sometime around June, which will work with pre-existing accounts.


As for now, IS’ services can be found here:


If you’re curious about the options TeamDynamix offers, want to go deeper into the technical details than I’ve done here, or want to submit a help request right now, go check out this page:

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