2020 Fortune Best Companies Review

For this assignment, I decided to review Hilton, which was ranked #1, Capital One at #24, and Publix Super Markets at #39. All three of these companies are in different industries, yet they also are very customer service based. Speaking from personal experience, customer service can be a challenging environment to work in, yet all three of these companies have strategies that are well developed enough to allow their employees to succeed and take pride in their work. When asked about what makes their company a great workplace, team/people, benefits, and opportunities are all words that appear in the responses. While HR management looks at the development of systems to obtain effective and efficient operations, it also plays a critical role in the organizational culture. Organizational culture itself can consist of a variety of things, but ultimately if an organization doesn’t have a positive culture, it will push employees to look for employment elsewhere.

The type of manager I’d hope to be is one that’s very involved with their team, and makes effort to maintain strong and positive relationships with them while also being able to be assertive enough for them to understand the expectations of their role. I would also like to foster an organizational culture that provides employees with adequate resources that empowers them to make their own decisions to further the organization. I think having to balance being assertive while also being personable can be challenging for a manager, but I believe it also depends on how the manager approaches it. While managers are there for a reason, they shouldn’t put themselves in a position where it’s constant delegation and little involvement. If a manager has expectations for their employees, the manager themselves should be able to meet those expectations with the same resources as well.


Working at Hilton | Great Place to Work®

Working at Capital One | Great Place to Work®

Working at Publix Super Markets | Great Place to Work®

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